Rug Pads for Laminate Floors

With any floor, especially an overlay floor, it is essential not to utilize a carpet cushion with glues or chemicals. Our Superior felt floor covering cushion contains reused felt that is assembled through an exceptionally thick needle punched development without stick. For carpets that need a non-slip floor covering cushion, our Ultra Premium contains a layer of characteristic elastic, not treated with chemicals. This elastic is warm squeezed to the felt, not stuck like numerous others.

Predominant Rug Pad for Laminate Floor

Predominant mat cushion is 100% felt jute that is ok for use on all overlay floors. Needle punched to a thick and thick mat cushion to secure your mat and floor, Superior carpet cushion does not contain chemicals, paste or glues and is evaluated as a sheltered mat cushion for cover floors. Utilize Superior mat cushion under all zone mats on any cover floor. For bigger mats, heavier mats or carpets with furniture on them that don’t tend to slip, Superior is amazing.

Ultra Premium Rug Pad for Laminate Floors

Ultra Premium contains a felt jute surface and characteristic elastic lower surface for mats on overlay floors. Utilize Ultra Premium to keep floor coverings from slipping. The regular elastic side is a genuine layer of strong elastic, not a showered on latex that can separate and mischief cover floors. Because of the nature of the elastic, Ultra Premium carpet cushion is ok for all overlay floors. Utilize Ultra Premium under mats that tend to slip on cover floors.

Mat Pads for Laminate Floors

Mat Pads for overlay floors ought not contain any chemicals, paste or cements. These can in the long run hurt your floor. Our Superior Rug Pad comprises of just 100% reused felt jute filaments and is appraised ok for all overlay floors. Our Ultra Premium Rug Pad contains reused felt jute and a layer of strong, normal elastic not a showered on latex or elastic like substance that can hurt cover floors. The regular elastic secures your floor and avoids slipping.

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