This lovely sort of wood flooring is produced using the hard, woody stems of bamboo plants. The low dampness assimilation and toughness of bamboo makes this a perfect ground surface choice in atmospheres where stickiness and temperature change from season to season.

Teragren SYNERGY strand bamboo flooring is ideal for high-movement business and additionally private establishments. Collaboration is accessible in Wheat, Chestnut, or Java hues. All Teragren items are fabricated to stringent U.S. furthermore, European natural norms.

A remarkable licensed assembling process using bamboo strands and an earth safe cement makes the filaments intertwine, delivering a ground surface item 18% harder than Santos mahogany and 100% harder than red oak.


While picking the correct ground surface alternative for your home, consider solidness and durable characteristics required for the activity of every zone in your home. Stopper flooring is an awesome decision for the high-movement zones of your home and can be connected without trading off the tastefulness and excellence of your style.

Stopper is an ecologically solid decision for ground surface.

The stopper oak tree isn’t devastated and after that replanted but instead the bark is trimmed from the tree at regular intervals, leaving the tree and the backwoods undamaged. It isn’t strange to have a 200 year old tree as yet delivering stopper bark. Plug flooring is really produced using the misuse of the stopper wine plug fabricating process so stopper flooring is a reused item.

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