Ceramic Tile & Natural Stone Flooring Installation Guide

If you don’t mind guarantee that appropriate access is accessible. The items will land on 18-26 ton vehicles (this is roughly the measure of a fire motor) and the driver will try to offload the clearing as close as conceivable to where you might want them. It is fundamental that we are educated of any entrance issues (e.g. slender paths/overhead limitations/troublesome site conditions/confined stopping). On the off chance that we don’t have earlier cautioning we can’t be considered in charge of not offloading.

The clearing, in the primary, will touch base on recoil wrapped beds approx 14m2 to 39m2 for every bed (reliant on stone kind and thickness). It would be ideal if you guarantee that the products are checked and any things that may have been excluded from the conveyance are accounted for to guarantee that substitutions are despatched in a convenient way with a specific end goal to maintain a strategic distance from delays.

Bundling may encounter buildup, which can harm the item surface. On the off chance that outrageous temperature changes are foreseen, evacuate external plastic bundling and guarantee stones are shielded from antagonistic climate.

Before establishment of the tiles, exchange the tiles to the zone in which they are to be laid to enable them to adjust overnight at room temperature.

Radiators/all warmth sources in the room including range cookers ought to be killed amid the laying and drying out process. This will avert quick drying which may prompt grout shrinkage and hairline surface crevices. Anyway a base foundation temperature of 15°C will be required for fixing.

The kind of surface the tiles must be settled to will decide the decision of tile. The accompanying table demonstrates as far as possible for different substrates, this is as per the important data contained inside BS 5385 – Wall and floor tiling.

Guarantee the floor on which the clearing is to be laid on is altogether perfect and free of tidy and free flotsam and jetsam.

Any bitumen on existing floors ought to be expelled or secured with a leveling compound.

Expel all free and friable material from the back of the stones.

It is suggested that the floor sub-base is prepared preceding laying the clearing items.

A couple of flagstones may have little chips and imperfections; these are for the most part utilized for cuts. You ought to permit 5% additional on your room estimations for slices to cover sensible breakages or misusing.

At the point when the stones are totally dry, the surface of the stones ought to be soaked with no less than one layer of Lithofin MN Stain Stop before laying and grouting.

Cutting ought to be finished with a jewel shaper.

When in doubt we don’t prescribe that our stones are settled onto coated, vinyl or other flexible surfaces.

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