Bamboo Flooring is an ecologically cordial decision. No regular assets are exhausted. Bamboo is really a grass that is collected. It’s anything but a hardwood yet it has a hardness rating that is harder than oak, maple, cherry, birch, powder or walnut hardwoods. Visit our Castleton or Carmel areas to see our choice. This can […]


This lovely sort of wood flooring is produced using the hard, woody stems of bamboo plants. The low dampness assimilation and toughness of bamboo makes this a perfect ground surface choice in atmospheres where stickiness and temperature change from season to season. Teragren SYNERGY strand bamboo flooring is ideal for high-movement business and additionally private […]

Bamboo & Natural Cork Flooring

Bamboo and plug are mainstream reasonable alternatives for wood flooring and has turned into a famous choice among numerous property holders. They are light, tough and frequently financially savvy. Stopper is more adaptable in the two tiles and boards, while Bamboo is for the most part viewed as more improving, however it is just accessible […]

Rubber Flooring Eco-Friendly

Elastic ground surface is an agreeable, flexible material that can confront overwhelming wear and tear, spills, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Sadly, various legends have turned out to be joined to this type of tile that has prompted it being less-generally utilized than it ought to be. Here are a few realities […]

Cork Flooring In Public Locations

It was utilized especially in conditions where individuals were compelled to remain for extensive stretches of time. These materials were to a great degree sturdy, thick, 4-6 mm thick pieces that could be restored various circumstances with a specific end goal to evacuate surface scratches. Throughout the years, plug makers started to cut expenses by […]

Commercial Bamboo Flooring Information

Business flooring utilized as a part of high activity territories must be tough, dependable, and simple to keep up. In the meantime, it needs to have a tasteful interest which will decidedly speak to the proprietor of that property. With bamboo, you have a material that is harder, and more dampness safe than numerous hardwood […]